This course has general information about the classes and divisions of forklifts commonly used in the workplace. It also covers the principles necessary to understand for safe loading, transferring loads, and unloading. Forklift operator training requirements and general best practices in operating, servicing and maintaining forklifts are discussed. The hazards associated with operating forklifts in enclosed areas and construction sites are also discussed.

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Modules: 7
Hours: 7
Sectors: General Industry


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  • Key Topics

    • Types of Powered Industrial Trucks (PITs) - Forklifts
    • Operator Training Requirements
    • Trainer Certification Requirements
    • Principles of Forklift Operation
    • Fulcrum Principle
    • Stability Triange
    • Center of Gravity
    • Moment
    • Raising and Lowering the Load
    • Driving on an Incline
    • Safe Forklift Operations
    • Pre-use Inspection
    • Traveling
    • Loading
    • Transferring
    • Unloading
    • Traffic Patterns
    • Forklift Corrective and Preventive Measures
    • Fueling and Battery Charging Procedures
    • Hazards of Carbon Monoxide, Sulfuric Acid, and Hydrogen Gas During Forklift Operation
  • Target Audience

    • Employee
    • Supervisor
    • Manager