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Doctor Rishi Kumar founded The Gathering Club Adult Day Health Center in 2013. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, they established the organization to help close the gap measure for patients requiring additional compassionate care. Before arriving at The Gathering Club, many of the patients lacked the needed supervision and help to maintain their personal health. The Gathering Club offers services both in the facility and in the homes of clients. It serves a wide range of populations focusing on:

  • immigrants,
  • refugees,
  • senior citizens, and
  • persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

The Gathering Club believes a workplace safety culture is extremely important. Executive Director Edward Minnis believes both management and employees will proactively prevent workplace injuries and fatalities when a culture of safety exists. “This leads to an increase in morale across the organization,” he adds, “which leads to reduced amount of time spent away from work as employees are empowered and know how to work proactively to prevent accidents.”

The Gathering Club’s safety leadership team actively works to creating a safe and hazard-free environment. The team meets regularly to discuss and address safety concerns, focusing on priority topics and making prompt system corrections where needed..

The Gathering Club is committed to providing exceptional support for employees through knowledge, skills, and training programs. Employees receive safety training during their initial employee orientation and then annually thereafter. Minnis says, “OSHAcademy has really been a huge part of training when it comes to the workforce that we employ today, and we are constantly looking at other trainings offered to provide our employees.” He adds, “As the Executive Director, I understand that our front-line employees are the number one asset to the organization, and we promote employee engagement and suggestions to better our training processes.”

OSHAcademy would like to recognize The Gathering Club Adult Day Health Center for their continued efforts toward workplace safety and health.

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