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Miron Construction Co., Inc. is a family-owned business that has been around since 1918. They offer a wide range of construction services like pre-building planning, construction management, and design-build projects across the country. They're known for being a top-notch construction firm in the U.S.

Safety is a big deal at Miron. Their leadership team stays up to date with safety rules and guidelines. They participate in safety training and include safety talks in their company meetings. The Risk Management team is involved in every aspect of the business to keep things safe.

Workers at Miron are also part of the safety culture. The company gives them training and tools to be safe. Before starting work, they do stretching exercises and plan their tasks for the day. Miron also has regular safety meetings, daily safety tips, and training sessions. Everyone keeps an eye out for safety issues and risks, trying to find ways to make the workplace safer.

Matt Krause, the Director of Risk Management, says it’s important to listen and talk openly about safety concerns. He encourages workers to speak up if they see a concern, listen if someone has a concern for them, and recognize each other for their accomplishments. Krause adds, “These tactics are taught to every employee to help them overcome fear and anxiety about speaking up, teaches them how to give and receive feedback, and helps create effective conversations between employees and leaders.”

Miron currently uses OSHAcademy as an educational tool for its Risk Management department team members. Management uses OSHAcademy’s 192-hour Construction Safety and Health program to give entry level knowledge to employees who are either seeking a position in the department or current members who would like to gain knowledge in a certain topic area.

When it comes to doing the job, Miron follows the rule of "SQP": Safety first, then Quality, then Production. This means they make sure to focus on safety and quality before worrying about how fast they get the job done. Krause adds, “We take the time to understand the specific needs of the project to ensure our construction teams are properly trained and equipped to complete the task at hand."

We would like to recognize Miron Construction Co., Inc for their continued efforts towards workplace safety and health.

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