This course is a basic awareness-level introduction to safe practices related to walking-working surfaces, ladders, stairs, fall protection and protection from falling objects, as detailed in OSHA 1910 Subpart D, Walking-Working Surfaces.

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Modules: 2
Hours: 1
Sectors: General Industry


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  • Key Topics

    • Surface Hazards Causing Falls
    • Walking-Working Surface
    • Portable and Fixed Ladders
    • Mobile Stands and Platforms
    • Protection Against Falls
    • Fixed Ladders
    • Roofs
    • Designated Areas
    • Covers
    • Fall Protection Systems
    • Guardrail Requirements
    • Handrail and Stair Rail Systems
    • Fixed Ladder Safety
    • Falling Object Protection
    • Grab Handles
  • Target Audience

    • Employee
    • Supervisor
    • Manager