The prevention of workplace violence has emerged as an important safety issue in and around hospitals and healthcare facilities. Workplace violence, such as physical assaults, or threatening or violent behavior, are a growing problem in the workplace.

Occupational stress has also been a long-standing concern in the health care industry. Studies indicate health care workers have elevated rates of depression and anxiety linked to job stress.

This course takes a closer look at ways healthcare employees can help prevent violence and stress while at work.

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  • Key Topics

    • Violence in Healthcare
    • Risk Factors
    • Prevention Strategies
    • Worksite Analysis
    • Violence Prevention Program
    • Hazard Prevention and Control
    • Job Stress and Health
    • Safety and Health Training
    • Recordkeeping and Evaluation of Program
    • Environmental Designs
    • Consequences of Violence
    • Early Warning Signs of Stress
    • Stress Symptoms
    • Stress Among Nurses and Physicians
    • Workplace Injury
    • Coping with Stress
  • Target Audience

    • Employee