Work-related slip, trip, and fall (STF) incidents can frequently result in serious, disabling injuries for healthcare workers. This course identifies the top 10 STF hazards specific to healthcare facilities. This course also provides guidance on implementing a STF prevention program to protect healthcare workers. The goal of this course is to familiarize you with common STF hazards in healthcare facilities so you are able to recognize and reduce the risk to employees.

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Modules: 2
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Sectors: Healthcare


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  • Key Topics

    • Contaminants on the Floor
    • Poor Drainage
    • Pipes and Drains
    • Indoor and Outdoor Walking Surface Irregularities
    • Ice and Snow Hazards
    • Inadequate Lighting
    • Stairs, Handrails, Stepstools, and Ladders
    • Tripping Hazardss
    • Improper Use of Floor Mats and Runners
    • Risk Assessment
    • Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention Program Components
  • Target Audience

    • Employee