The course introduces the student to the Infectious Disease Prevention and Response (IDPR) Plan for controlling COVID-19 and other infectious diseases in the workplace. The course provides a general awareness of COVID-19 preventive measures, OSHA's COVID-19 Webpage, and the CDC's COVID-19 Information Website.

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Modules: 4
Hours: 2
Sectors: All Industries


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  • Key Topics

    • Infectious Disease Prevention & Planning
    • COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan
    • Basic Infection Prevention Measures
    • Developing Policies and Procedures
    • Exposure Control Strategies
    • Hierarchy of Controls
    • Types of Respiratory Protection
    • Facemasks and N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators (FFR)
    • Respirator Fit Testing and Inspection Requirements
    • Respiratory Protection Training
    • Exposure Risk Levels
    • How To Protect Workers
    • Workers Living Abroad or Traveling Internationally
    • Following Existing OSHA Standards
    • Employee Training Strategies
    • CDC 3-Phase Reopening Approach
  • Target Audience

    • Employee
    • Supervisor
    • Manager
    • Contractor