This course is absolutely necessary for anyone who is required to investigate accidents. It gives you the information needed to effectively analyze an accident event by uncovering the cause of injury, and the primary and contributing surface causes for the accident. You will also develop the skills needed to analyze and evaluate your safety management system (SMS) for root causes. You'll learn why the question of fault and possible discipline is often irrelevant and inappropriate when conducting an accident investigation.

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Modules: 8
Hours: 6
Sectors: General Industry


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  • Key Topics

    • Purpose of the Accident Investigation
    • Initiating the Investigation
    • Documenting the Accident Scene
    • Conducting Interviews
    • Conducting Event Analysis
    • Determining Surface and Root Causes
    • Developing Recommendations
    • Selling Management on Recommendations
    • Writing the Accident Report
  • Target Audience

    • Committee Member
    • Committee Leader
    • Trainer
    • Supervisor
    • Manager