Stress... it's just the word may be enough to set your nerves on edge. Everyone feels stressed from time to time. Some people may cope with stress more effectively or recover from stressful events quicker than others. It's important to know your limits when it comes to stress to avoid more serious health effects. Stress can also have a big impact on your work environment. This course highlights the causes of stress at work and outlines steps an employer can take to help prevent job stress.

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Modules: 4
Hours: 4
Sectors: General Industry


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  • Key Topics

    • Stress in Today's Workplace
    • Job Stress Causes
    • Impact of Stress on the Employer
    • Stressful Job Conditions
    • Effects of Job Stress
    • Early Warning Signs of Job Stress
    • Environmental and Individual Risk Factors
    • Coping with Stress
    • Preventing Job Stress
    • Stress Prevention Programs
    • Stress, Health and Productivity
    • Stress Prevention Guidelines
    • Managing Stress Before, During, and After an Event
  • Target Audience

    • Employee
    • Supervisor
    • Trainer
    • Manager