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904 Oil and Gas Well Inspection
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This course was developed as a source of information and practical training tool for rig workers to conduct effective safety inspections of on-shore drilling rigs to reduce the injury and illness rate and to help companies operate more efficiently. The primary reference for this course is DHHS(NIOSH) Pub. 2011-204c, Rig Check. The course will also help the student develop an effective Rig Safety Inspection Program for tools and equipment commonly found on rotary and workover rigs. Each inspection topic includes instructions for assessing and recording the condition of the equipment.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you should be able to:
ID Objective
TO 1.0 Achieve a minimum score of 70% on the final course assessment.
LO 1.1.1 Describe the inspection criteria well site emergency response plan.
LO 1.2.1 Discuss the important points for inspecting electrical systems and machine guarding.
LO 1.3.1 Describe the safe practices when using hand and power tools on the well site.
LO 1.4.1 Explain important criteria for inspecting fall protection systems on the wellsite.
LO 1.5.1 Explain important criteria for inspecting stairways and walkways on the wellsite.
LO 1.6.1 Describe inspection criteria for lines and slings.
LO 1.7.1 List safety inspection points for ladders and platforms.
LO 1.8.1 Discuss what should be inspected when checking hoses, pins and keepers.
LO 1.9.1 Identify the requirements and best practices for working with hoses, pins, and keepers.
LO 1.10.1 Describe inspection criteria for chemical hazards.
LO 1.11.1 Describe inspection criteria for the general well site facilities.

Key: Terminal Objective (TO), Learning Objective (LO)