4-Point Safety and Health Program

If you're a business owner, manager, or supervisor you likely understand that you are responsible for the safety of your employees during their workshifts. You are also likely visiting OSHAcademy, and more specifically, this page because you aren't sure what the US Department of Labor (OSHA) expects and requires from you.

OSHA believes, the best way to create a safe and healthful workplace is to create a four-point safety and health program at your worksite. A four-point program consists of:

You may be thinking that OSHAcademy can help you with number 4 on the list, "training for employees, supervisors and managers" and you would be right. However, we also provide training courses that will address the three other items in the list.

Many employers aren't sure where to begin to create a 4-point safety and health program, and that's where we can help. You can click on the links in the list above to learn how OSHAcademy can help you build and maintain a successful 4-point safety and health program.

Manage Your Employees Training

Managing your employees training doesn't have to be a daunting task. Using OSHAcademy to document the bulk of your employee's occupational safety and health training can save you a great deal of time and money. As a corporate client you can invite your employees via email to participate in training on our website. Our website will email them the invitation, they click on the link to accept the invitation, and they begin a quick and easy process to create their student record. Once your employees have completed the courses you need them to take, you can view their training certificates and generate training reports.

To get setup in our system as a business client all we ask is that you intend to purchase training certificates for your employees. There are no other fees to get setup in our system.

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