Every company that operates a fleet of vehicles needs to develop and implement a Fleet Safety Plan. This course introduces you to the various components of a Fleet Safety Program and offers suggestions on how to manage it effectively. By developing and maintaining an effective fleet safety program, you will be empowered to save lives, reduce risks of life-altering injuries, protect your organization's human and financial resources, and protect yourself against liabilities.

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Modules: 7
Hours: 5
Sectors: General Industry


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  • Key Topics

    • Purpose, Mission, and Elements of a Fleet Safety Program
    • Costs of Vehicle Accidents
    • Management, Supervisor, Employee, and Vehicle Operator Responsibilities
    • Vehicle Inspections
    • Transporting People and Equipment
    • Driver Qualification Standards
    • Licensing
    • Driver Training and Evaluation
    • Accident Investigations
    • Vehicle Selection, Assignment, and Maintenance
  • Target Audience

    • Supervisor
    • Manager